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Newly Revised Edition of BS EN 60598-1 Luminaires Now Available

BS EN 60598-1:2015 Luminaires. General requirements and tests is the reference standard for all types of electrical luminaires.

When used in conjunction with standards in the BS EN 60598 part 2 series, it specifies the essential safety and performance requirements for the design, construction and testing of a vast range of luminaires for both general and special applications.

The 2015 standard has been fully revised from the 2008 edition to take account of the latest developments in lighting technology. These include the increased use of ‘LED’ light sources and high-frequency electronics. It also covers fittings supplied with no integral ballast and those where the light source is not replaceable.

Who is the standard for?

- Lighting equipment designers and manufacturers
- Lighting equipment stockists
- Test and certification houses
- Electrical engineers
- Architects
- Suppliers of components used in lighting equipment
- Health and safety officers
- Regulatory bodies

What does the standard cover?

 BS EN 60598-1 defines the classification of luminaires, as well as the marking, construction and external and internal wiring of lighting equipment. It also provides the requirements for the provision for earthing and demonstrates how to protect people and goods against electrical shock. Other topics include endurance and thermal tests, resistance to heat, fire and tracking, and screw and screwless terminals.

How does BS EN 60598-1:2015 differ from the 2008 version?

The 2015 edition has been completely revised with over 20 major changes involving construction, electrical design, testing and test equipment and to the information and marking to be supplied with/on the product.

Changes to constructional requirements:
-       Access to parts with basic insulation (wall& ceiling types)
-       Restrictions on the types of attachment plugs supplied with Class III  luminaires
-       Increased creepage and clearance requirement for parts operating at above 30 kHz.

Changes to testing and test equipment:
-       New test for ‘sharp edges’
-       New test for adhesively attached thermal controls
-       Tougher test limits for suspended fittings and their fixings
-       Tougher test for cord anchorages
-       New advice on selecting heat-test lamps.

Changes to the documentation supplied with the product:
-       More specific information and/or markings to be provided for luminaires provided without integral ballast
-       When the supply cord either cannot be replaced, or can only be replaced by a special type only available from the manufacturer
-       New instructions for types where the ‘Light source’ itself cannot be replaced.

New design guidelines:
-       For the application of over-voltage protection components and for components that bridge double insulation
-       On the levels of isolation required between Low voltage, safety low voltage
-       Introduces a new category of ‘functional’ low voltage
-       New voltage limits to be applied to ‘accessible’ parts.


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