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Zumtobel Helps Create The ‘X’ Store Concept For Geox – The Italian “breathable” Footwear Brand

Geox London 38Luminaires from Zumtobel Lighting have been used to help create the 'X Store' concept for footwear and apparel retailer Geox at its new flagship store in Oxford Street, London.

The new store concept aims to bring together technology, design, sustainability, and well-being and Zumtobel’s Supersystem II has played a key role in achieved the desired lighting effect. Excellent colour rendering was critical to creating the right ambience whilst showing the merchandise to maximum effect and it was equally important that this should be achieved with optimum energy efficiency in support of the Geox commitment to sustainability.

The design of the 'X Store' concept preserves and enhances existing architectural features in the building, such as glass windows, columns, ceilings and exposed brickwork and works them seamlessly into the new concept. In line with the Geox focus on sustainability the new store concept, which has been unveiled in Geox flagship stores in Rome, Toronto and Kuala Lumpur, uses only green materials. The new concept also features a range of digital touchpoints to offer consumers a multi-sensorial shopping experience. These range from integrated digital screens and interactive displays where customers can learn more about an item, to charging stations in the fitting rooms.

Supersystem II is a multifunctional LED lighting tool famed for its stringent miniaturisation and virtually limitless usability. The addition of recessed downlights and spotlights in three different sizes and with extremely low installation depths, along with recessed tracks and corresponding accessories, offers total flexibility and enhanced design possibilities. The mounting options for Supersystem II have been expanded and simplified by enabling all versions of the lighting system to be recessed in a variety of different ceiling types. The luminaires all but disappear in the ceiling, leaving nothing but their lighting effect to catch the eye.

The multi-functional Supersystem II lighting tool is ideal for both general and accent lighting, and for wall washing, offering a solid base for lighting solutions to fill a space with uniform styling. The thin rail profile, combined with the highly diversified construction kit for ease of installation, covers the various demands made on lighting not in shops and retail lighting tasks without any sacrifice in light quality. Zumtobel also supplied emergency lighting for the store using fittings that blend in perfectly with the overall design.

Geox London 52The result is a lighting installation that emphasises the moods and atmosphere that Geox strove to achieve while creating an exciting and technology-friendly retail space. "This is a brand-new approach to retail. As soon as customers cross the threshold of a Geox store, they breathe, see and absorb the values which inspire our corporate design philosophy and mission day by day, gaining insight into our immense motivation to constantly improve quality and performance," said the company in a statement.


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