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Edmundson stocks Marl LED industrial, security and architectural lighting

Marl International today announced that it has been appointed as a preferred supplier of energy efficient industrial LEDs, floodlights, architectural and security light ranges for Edmundson Electrical Limited, a leading UK electrical wholesaler.  

This now enables Edmundson to sell the recently launched Marl Bay Range of energy efficient industrial LEDs, 742 security floodlights and Lumoluce architectural lighting ranges from its 250 plus stock-holding branches throughout the UK.

Commenting, David Stewart, Business Manager at Barrow in Furness, Edmundson said, “Demand for LED lighting is growing very rapidly amongst our customers, who recognise that it is both energy efficient and very long lasting, often eliminating the need to replace lamps during the life of an installation. Marl is a pioneer in this field, with a forty year history of producing high quality LED products. Adding them to our supplier base is in-line with Edmundson’s strategy of sourcing from premium quality branded suppliers, and supporting UK manufacturers where possible.”

Adrian Rawlinson, Managing Director of Marl, responded, “Marl LED lights use between one-half and one-third of the power of alternative lighting technologies, and are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK. We are delighted that Edmundson, one of the UK’s leading electrical wholesalers, has decided to source LED lights from Marl to address growing interest from its customers.”

Marl 742 series LED security floodlights stocked by Edmundson draw just 17W and can last for over ten years. They feature a ruggedized, vandal-resistant, IP65 rated enclosure to deliver a low energy, low maintenance solution for perimeter, path, driveway, industrial and other security lighting applications. Edmundson will also offer Lumotech Lumoluce LED architectural lighting products for commercial and domestic applications, manufactured in the Netherlands, and supplied by Marl. Lumoluce LED lighting solutions are attracting a fast-growing following due to their remarkable colour consistency and exceptional energy efficiency.

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