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XY-Fi - The World’s Smallest Emergency LED Conversion System

XY FiXY-Fi is the world’s smallest Emergency LED Conversion System that can be employed without altering the original design of the luminaire. Despite its ultra compact proportions of only 12mm bezel diameter, XY-Fi is capable of delivering spacing’s of over 6 metres.  

Simple to install, XY-Fi is discreet and has been engineered for unobtrusive and seamless integration into a wide range of luminaire types. It can be mounted in the bezel of an existing luminaire and will still be classed as an integral conversion. When retrofitting into fluorescent luminaires, the existing LED indicator aperture can be used for installation. Mackwell has also equipped XY-Fi with an integral bi-colour status indicator – showing green for ‘mains healthy’ and switching to full output of white light when in emergency mode.

XY-Fi has been designed for integral or remote mounting, has integral strain relief and is compatible with AutoTest® and DALI drivers.  It has a typical flux of 77 lumens and a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. XY-Fi is intended for use with a non-maintained class II emergency driver, which includes a rechargeable 3.6V 2.2Ah NiMh battery pack for 3 hour operation.

There are two XY-Fi kits available; Mackwell signature articulated unit for remote operation or the separate battery and driver kit for integral conversion.


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