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V-Pro Eclipse Touch-Remote Control Dimmers

Eclipse TM is the stylish touch/remote-control addition to Varilight's V-Pro TM range of trailing-edge dimmers, featuring a blue LED-backlit metal touch button with tactile touch and infra-red remote control.

Clever design allows the infra-red signal to be received via a clear ring that surrounds the touch button, which also provides for the attractive LED backlighting, adding to the elegance of the product. The gentle blue ring of light also serves to help to locate the touch button in the dark.

The V-Pro TM dimmer range features intelligent overload protection, short circuit protection and, most importantly, V-Pro TM intelligent load detection. This makes the dimmer extremely versatile because it is able to adapt in response to the lighting load to achieve the best possible dimming performance. V-Pro TM dimmers are suitable for controlling dimmable LEDs, dimmable CFLs, electronic low voltage transformers, mains halogen and traditional mains GLS lighting.

With the prospect of householders increasingly replacing traditional lamps with energy-efficient alternatives, and LEDs in particular, installations can effectively be made "LED-ready". Even if LEDs are not part of an existing lighting scheme, by choosing to install Varilight's V-Pro TM dimmers, an end-user can decide to switch to dimmable LEDs at a future date without the need to upgrade their dimmers.

Full functionality can be achieved by choosing the Varilight® remote control handset, including a master control function which will switch several dimmers on and off simultaneously, enabling the user to recall the previous light settings or "scene". In addition, Eclipse TM dimmers are capable of learning to respond to a spare button on many existing infra-red remote control handsets.

Offered across Varilight's unrivalled range of decorative faceplate styles and finishes, an Eclipse TM dimmer is available to suit every interior design scheme. One-gang Eclipse TM master dimmers are rated up to 400W and two-gang versions up to 2 x 250W. Eclipse TM dimming slaves are also available to be used alongside a master dimmer for two-way and multi-way control, enabling lights to be switched and dimmed from multiple locations.


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