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Residential and Commercial Energy-efficient Products from LED Lighting to Home Automation on Show

Honeywell is exclusively previewing new energy-efficient products from its market-leading brands PEHA, MK Electric, homexpert, Friedland and Ackermann at Light+Building 2012.

Visit Honeywell on Stand C in Hall 11.1 at the Light & Building show,  for exclusive previews of new products and integrated wireless solutions that can reduce lighting energy consumption up to 90% and increase comfort and efficiency through intelligent automation of security systems, heating, shading, ventilation and lighting.

Unveiled at this year’s show are the following innovative products:

Honeywell LED lighting – an innovative new luminaire, tube and driver technology that delivers exceptional energy-savings of up to 50% compared to conventional florescent tubes. It comes with a market-leading 5-year warranty, with return on investment usually seen within 2.5 years for most customers when retrofitted into an existing building. With the LED tubes and electronic control units operating to a 60,000-hour service life, it can also significantly reduce maintenance costs

PEHA planning software for its House Control System – a new planning software designed to reduce the complexity of planning for the installer, making it easier to explain the energy-saving and lifestyle-enhancing home automation benefits to the customer. The software features a graphical user interface to visualize the floor plan and add automation components while discussing the needs with the customer

homexpert HR30 Rondostat Comfort+ – a new programmable radiator thermostat that can be mounted on any existing central heating radiator valve and reduce energy usage up to 30% by using an intelligent eco-mode. More flexibility in programming times means radiators will operate at optimum energy-efficiency, reducing heat when inhabitants are not home, shutting down the valve if a window is opened and starting to heat exactly when necessary to have a room at the desired temperature by a certain time

 MK Electric add Apple® iPad and iPhone control to the MK Astral range – an easy to install, cost-effective, reliable and flexible wireless control system for retrofit or new build which uses the very latest in automated home technology and delivers the ultimate interactive control experience from within the home or remotely

PEHA Connect Ultralite – a system that delivers energy-savings of up to 90% through a number of networked and standalone lighting control products. Ideal for use in offices, hotels and classrooms that need simple, easy to install lighting distribution boxes, but also offer substantial energy savings due to wasted energy when a space is not in use

Friedland’s latest home security products – as burglars use social networking to identify potential targets, Friedland’s latest products protect homeowners and their belongings, with wired and wireless home security systems which are cost effective, easy to install and easy to operate.

“Energy efficiency is a huge focus for consumers, facility managers and building owners alike, particularly for those managing commercial properties that need to meet Government energy-reduction targets,” says Ruland Dahnke, Marketing Manager Northern Europe, Honeywell ED&S. “By presenting Honeywell lighting, heating control, building automation, fire alarm and security systems at one large booth we aim to show retailers and installers how to advise end customers to achieve significant energy- and cost-savings across the board, while still experiencing the most advanced technology and functionality that they have come to expect from the Honeywell brand.”

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