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Set the Scene With a Focus SB HAL System

HAL Control PanelUK manufacturers of electrical accessories, Focus SB, have moved into the waters of Home Automated Lighting with a system they produce called HAL.

This system, which has been designed for a simple installation process, and to be user friendly, has been installed into a number of properties now.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l, Focus SB’s HAL product manager said: ‘Clients look for a sophisticated means of controlling a lighting system that has pre-set scenes but they do not necessarily want to see complex control options.’
So far on projects, The HAL 4 600 DS control panel has typically been mounted adjacent to the buildings electrical distribution board.

This system is suitable for controlling low and mains voltage filament lamps and compatible, dimmable, mains voltage led lamps. The HAL panel is networked to the wall mounted control plates with a CAT5/6 data cable.

Scenes can be programmed for a room in use, for example, ambience for film viewing or entertaining after dinner. The programmed scenes on the HAL system can also be over ridden if desired, without affecting previously chosen settings.

Focus SB’s HAL wall mounted control plates can contain OLED display units that have an internal library of icons that can relate to the selected/ programmed scene.

Also available is a four-channel universal digital relay module that has been designed to control ancillary circuits. These can be electronic curtains, blinds roof lights and television projector screens.

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