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lighting digest newsletter May 2012 Issue 2

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Project News
Megaman at Cardiff Council
Megaman at Cardiff Castle

Megaman has supplied a variety of its energy efficient lamps for the refurbishment of the lighting at Cardiff Castle. Megaman was chosen for this gargantuan task by Cardiff Council following assurances that the lighting would maintain the brightness required within the Castle interiors, whilst retaining the aesthetic charm of the building and providing massive energy savings.


Naveo from Emergi-Lite ► Emergency Lighting Maintenance at your Fingertips with Naveo!  

Emergi-Lite’s new Naveo online software allows users to control the entire emergency lighting installation, inspection and maintenance process – providing an overview and control of all emergency lighting systems at any place, 24/7.

Latest News

Becontree Pool Delmatic Helps Bectontree Heath Leisure Centre Maximise Energy Efficiency

A Delmatic lighting control system has been installed at Bectontree Heath Leisure Centre to provide networked control of lighting within key areas of the building.

New Diffuser Luminaires from RIDI fitted with Microwave Sensor    

RIDI has announced the launch of the RK-LED – a circular luminaire which comes pre-fitted with a microwave sensor for absence/presence detection.

New Light for a Pleasant and Efficient Work Atmosphere from Trilux            

People spend around 8% of their life with work and often at a desk in offices. The demands for optimal lighting in modern office environments are highly diverse in this sense: workstations must be ideally illuminated and maximum quality of light has to be ensured.

Timeguard PIRs get pretty... Timeguard PIRs get pretty...    

Whether it is providing outdoor security lighting or automating internal courtesy and safety lights to conserve energy, PIR’s are everywhere.  As technology advances and manufacturers understand that when someone has spent a small fortune on the office decor,  details like the design of the detectors count, no one is going to object to having as many of them installed as can contribute to energy efficiency.

Toshiba’s Partnership with the Louvre Museum Extended to Interior Lighting       

Toshiba Corporation has announced that it has reached a basic agreement with the Louvre Museum to replace part of the interior lighting of the Louvre with its own LED lighting.

The Odds Stack In Sylvania’s Favour

A range of Sylvania’s innovative LEDs have been used in a re-lamping project at Rendezvous Casino in Brighton. The new high performing lighting scheme offers the casino significant energy savings while keeping maintenance costs low.

Modular Wiring Accessories Cover All the Options ► Modular Wiring Accessories Cover All the Options

PREMERA MIX, the completely new range of modular grid-based wiring accessories from Eaton’s Electrical Sector, offers exceptional versatility and convenience by combining the elements of a traditional grid range, including broad switches and power sockets, with voice and data connectivity options, and intelligent RF switch modules for use with Eaton’s wireless  modern home automation system.

Eaton’s New Wiring Accessories Combine Versatility with Style

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