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menlo3Thorn Lighting Menlo3 advert

Menlo³ is our powerful new range of modular fluorescent luminaires designed to meet the challenges of modern office lighting design with style and imagination.

The 11.5W Base LED Junior gives ten times the life yet saves 75% of the power used by 50W halogen lamps

It is specially designed for small-scale downlighting jobs, particularly where long-burning hours are needed, and is ideal for commercial, educational or hospitality lighting where low operating costs are important.

Thorlux Canolux LED and LEDBay brochure

Canolux luminaires have been predominantly designed for use in petrol station forecourts. Since our very first petrol station forecourt installation in 1984 the Canolux name has become synonymous with energy efficiency, reliability and good lighting practice.

Tamlite Crescent Architecural Luminaire brochure

The SELC SmartStar® 250W Ballast efficiently powers all High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide (including COSMO CDM HQI) and HID Lamps 250 watt lamps. This ballast offers an affordable, high quality and intelligent street lighting solution.

Save It Easy®
The Modern and Affordable Route to Lighting Energy Efficiency

A guide to the selection of cable types for particular building applications in accordance with the recommendations of BS 5266-1:2011 “Emergency lighting – Part 1: Code of practice for the emergency escape lighting of premises”

Philips Surge Protection Device 277V Brochure Issued October 2011

OSRAM Prevaled LED Light Engine Brochure

Excellent efficiency and long lifespan.

Compact dimensions and simple installation greatly extend the design possibilities for professional lighting solutions. The LEDVANCE™ DOWNLIGHT product line caters to these requirements with a range of sizes and wattages, so that lighting can be flexibly adapted to the size, the architecture and the interior design of the room. Large reception areas can be evenly illuminated and corridors can be clearly marked, while individual lighting accents can enhance the atmosphere of living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms.

LED Dimmer from MK Electric offers the widest lamp compatibility for a reliable dimming solution and allows the user to create ambience for comfortable surroundings.

The information contained within this guide is designed to provide an overview of MK Electric’s portfolio and compatibility. For the latest information, we advise to always consult lamp manufacturer’s websites and technical installation instructions.

Lighting Industry Federation Lighting Controls Guide

The brochure includes up-to-date study results, a T16 vs. LED comparison as well as a compact summary of the most important trends and extensive application know-how with suggestions for practical lighting solutions.

Inspired LED Emergency Lighting Solutions from Emergi-Lite brochure

The document is intended to act as guidance for clients, designers and those who are involved in the installation, maintenance and removal of highway electrical and associated equipment on centre island sites.

The new Gripple Squeezelock range is designed for suspending all types of lighting and signage.

Ex-Or provides a range of services that helps your lighting control system maintain optimum environmental conditions while improving energy useage and efficiency.

Retrofit Solution Brochure:


 - Energy savings

 - Reduced bills

 - CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

 - Responsible management of resources

 - Enhanced working conditions

Every organisation, both private and public, needs to control its costs to maintain a healthy balance sheet.

Energy costs come straight off the bottom line and one of the biggest consumers of energy in most buildings is lighting.

So controlling your lighting can energise your business, illuminate your growth potential and spotlight ever changing mandatory standards.

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