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Thorn Launches New and improved IndiQuattro

Thorn Lighting announces the launch of the new and improved IndiQuattro recessed direct/indirect luminaire. Offering great value affordable performance, IndiQuattro has a new shallow 70mm body with a fast access flap for ultra quick and easy installation – even in shallow ceiling voids.

 Providing efficient and well balanced task and ambient lighting, IndiQuattro is available with T16 or TCL lamps and has an improved light output ratio (LOR) of up to 70 per cent to minimise number of fittings and reduce energy consumption. Dimming options are also available.

IndiQuattro has retained its popular design with the same great looking optics but has been modernised with a shallow coffer for good architectural integration and ceiling brightness impression. The opal diffuser also boasts a fresh new look. With a universally appealing low-maintenance robust design, IndiQuattro is suitable for a wide range of applications, including healthcare, education and commercial.

Laura Rogers, Product Manager at Thorn Lighting, says: “IndiQuattro has been the recessed fluorescent direct/indirect luminaire of choice for contractors and installers for nearly a decade. The new and improved IndiQuattro however is designed to tick all the boxes, including affordability, ease of installation, LOR, efficiency, efficacy, luminance limit and aesthetic appeal.”


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