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Concord's LED Performance Cones Have Height Advantage

Havells-Sylvania has launched a range of very high output LED downlights especially for use in large, high ceiling spaces such as airport terminals, museums, galleries and high ceiling retail outlets. Concord LED Performance Cones can achieve a 2000 lumen package from a 50W LED lamp – an output that is equivalent to a 100W low voltage capsule lamp.

Concord LED Performance Cones employ a highly engineered reflector to ensure minimum light loss within the luminaire and maximum light output for large spaces. The performance cones have a choice of reflectors:
• Wide Beam (49 degrees)
• Narrow Beam (14 degrees)
• Single Wall Washer
• Double Wall Washer.

“The LED Performance Cone range offers specifiers an amazingly high output LED solution for double height spaces,” says Kuldeep Vali, Strategic Business Unit Director Concord, at Havells-Sylvania. “This is going to transform the market in the large space sector where occupiers are looking for more energy efficient solutions in museums, galleries, airports and retail.”

The LED Performance Cones are designed around a technical reflector system and glass diffuser used to create a darklight reflector. Darklight reflectors have pre-determined cut-off angles, where the fitting only appears illuminated within the cut-off angle. From outside the cut-off angle, the appearance is the same regardless of whether the luminaire is lit or unlit, with no light spill or glare.

When using darklight reflectors the visual appearance in the ceiling is the same regardless of which lamps or beam angles are used.

The LED Performance Cone wall-washers are designed to give an even transition to the wash between the ceiling and floor and appear visually undifferentiated from the downlights.

The lamps have a minimum colour rendering index of 85.

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