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VOLAR adds Colour to the RIDI Range

RIDI Lighting has released the latest version of its popular pendant luminaire, VOLAR. Available in a range of options, including single or three lamp long-life T5 tubes and LED versions, the new models offer the quality that RIDI is renowned for, alongside some customisable features that can complement an interior design scheme or corporate identity.

The new single and 3 lamp VOLAR models feature optional colour strips that can be fitted into the luminaire’s wing tips. The strips can be varied to identify different areas and scenes or to subtly reflect a corporate identity. There is an additional option to incorporate laser-cut motifs into the end panels of the fitting which can also be backlit to display a company name, logo or slogan.

“The new features in the VOLAR range offers an innovative new take on the corporate luminaire,” says Mike Attard, Managing Director of RIDI UK. “The opportunity to put your personal stamp on a luminaire is an appealing prospect for many involved in lighting specification. VOLAR opens up that opportunity in a practical and innovative way without compromising performance or build-quality.”

Also new to the VOLAR range is the single lamp/LED hybrid. This luminaire runs a single fluorescent lamp down the centre of the louvre with coloured LEDs lighting the translucent  wings either side of the tube. This option also includes the scope for laser-cut motifs but also opens up the possibility for increased dynamism into the lighting design. With the addition of colour, different moods can be created, different sections or departments are immediately recognisable and all achievable with long-life, low-output LEDs which save on maintenance and running costs.  The standard product is also supplied with 50,000hr tubes to match up to the lifetime of the LED's.

Designed for direct/indirect light distribution VOLAR’s winged sides have an internal prism structure manufactured from transparent acrylic. These sides can accommodate the optional push-in reflectors or colour inserts. Direct optical control is provided by specular or matt parabolic louvres, as well as translucent acrylic diffusers attached to the centre of the luminaire.


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