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Lutron Launches New Serena™ shades Solution to Europe

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., experts in light control, brings its latest Serena remote controlled shades solution to Europe.  Backed by Lutron quality, yet at highly affordable prices, the Serena solution, which includes a unique insulating honeycomb fabric, offers incredible flexibility and value to installers and end users alike.

Featuring Triathlon™ power technology which provides a 3-year* battery life, Serena ultra quiet (44 dBA) shades can be installed quickly and easily using only two brackets and four screws.  Operated by Lutron’s IR remotes or other programmable, universal remotes, the shades can be adjusted from anywhere in the room, making them ideal for even the most difficult to reach locations.

Available in a wide range of colours and fabric opacities, from sheer and translucent to room darkening, Lutron’s Serena solution offers users the ability to achieve optimal levels of light control and privacy for any space.  All Serena shade fabrics have a white backing and honeycomb fabric structure, helping the space to stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter; in fact, when closed, Serena shades can double the insulation properties of any window.  Thanks to these dual-sided fabrics, any room can be given a signature look, whilst maintaining a uniform appearance from the outside.

As IR shades, Lutron’s Serena remote controlled shades solution can be powered from either a plug-in or battery operated power supply, ensuring the ultimate in installation flexibility.  To operate Serena shades, a single or 4-group IR control is available, depending on the level of control you want in any given space.  In addition, thanks to Lutron’s digital control circuitry, multiple Serena shades, controlled by the same remote, will lower and rise at identical speeds, even if the batteries in one are newer than the other.

Jennifer Suarez, Lutron Marketing comments: “Lutron’s Serena shading solution not only provides residential and commercial users with affordable, convenient and near-silent daylight management but energy savings as well.  Thanks to Lutron’s continued focus on providing reliable, highly functional light control solutions installers now have even more daylight control options to offer end users.”


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