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Energy Efficiency Through Intelligent Presence-dependent Lighting and Climate Control

Motion and presence detectors for lighting and HVAC controls optimize comfort while reducing energy consumption. Intelligent constant light level control and demand-dependent room climate control ensure that offices, hallways and commercial spaces are lit, heated and cooled as needed.

To achieve these goals, the Siemens Building Technologies Division has added new motion and presence detectors to its Gamma product line.

The Siemens Building Technologies Division is introducing two new motion and presence detectors, Gamma UP 258/E11 and UP 258/E21. Both devices turn on the lights depending on the light level and time of day, provided somebody is present within the capture area. Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation can also be controlled based on the presence of people in the room. Lighting and HVAC systems are controlled independently. These demand- and presence-based heating and constant light level controls offer energy savings of up to 40%.

Both devices support the creation of up to four offset lighting groups. While the UP 258/E11 turns the lighting groups on and off based on demand, the UP 258/E21 has an integrated brightness sensor. This sensor allows the lighting groups to be controlled based on different brightness values ("constant light control").

The timeless design of the devices provides for unobtrusive ceiling installation. A detector captures an area with a radius of five meters, which can be aligned precisely thanks to the adjustable detector head. It registers movements of as little as 20 centimeters. Additional detectors can expand the capture area as needed.

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