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Xicato’s High-Luminance XPM Point Module

xicato led moduleOne of the last bastions of halogen accent lighting - extremely tight beams, with very high luminous intensities (such as from AR111 lamps) - is addressed by Xicato’s new “point” module.

With an aperture of only 6mm, the new high-luminance XPM enables reflector designs with peak intensities from 7,000cd to 50,000cd, and beam angles of 10° to 3.5°.

Achieving this specification with Corrected Cold PhosphorTM Technology for tight initial and maintained color maintenance is an industry first. As with all Xicato’s LED modules, the XPM range is color consistent initially (1 x 2 SDCM) and over life and maintains its light level over time (L70/B50/50,000hrs).

The new XPM is offered in both 2700K and 3000K Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT). CRI (Ra) is 80 minimum as is CQS (Color Quality Scale).



Beam angle




Beam angle

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