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Panasonic Launches LED Lamp Across Europe

Panasonic LED LampPanasonic launches its new LED lamp “Nostalgic Clear”. The lamp delivers the same clear light as a 40 Watt (W) incandescent light bulb due to Panasonic’s unique light diffusion and heat radiation technologies.

In addition, it boasts an energy saving of approximately 84 percent compared to a 40W incandescent light bulb and has a lifespan of approximately 40,000 hours, which is approximately 40 times longer than that of a traditional clear bulb.

“We are seeing increased demand for LED lamps in Europe due to some countries banning or planning to ban incandescent light bulbs and consumers becoming more environmentally conscious. Our high quality innovative lamps offer the same look, feel and wide light distribution as an incandescent but with all the advantages of an LED. Therefore businesses and consumers gain cost savings while knowing they are causing less impact on the environment through their lighting choices. As such, we believe our 40W bulb is a great addition to our product portfolio and the European market”, said Alexis Fernandez, Product Manager, at Panasonic.

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