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The street gets elegant with LAMP's NIU and NIU LEDS

LAMP is launching the NIU and NIU LEDS family, outdoor luminaires, which have been specifically designed to meet the all the requirements of street ambience lighting.

The NIU luminaire has been designed for metallic halogen and high-pressure sodium lamps and its threshold power falls between 35W and 150W.

In terms of the NIU LEDS luminaire, it uses high-performance, neutral white LEDs (4650K) and it has models which afford a luminous flow of 5,000 and 10,000 lumens.

The accessories of both families allow them to be installed both in columns and posts, in wall arms or in clamps for columns. Both the NIU and NIU LEDS families have models with roto-symmetric optics and models with street optics. They are all IP66, IK10 and are available in Class I and Class II.

Thanks to its elegant design and stylised proportions it fits in perfectly in any exterior modern, classic or rustic environment and it is highly suited to lighting squares, parks, gardens, old towns, pedestrian footpaths, commercial routes, limited speed routes, pavements etc.

In addition, NIU LEDS has been selected as a finalist in the Delta Awards 2012.

With LAMP, LED quality and high technology (5-year warranty) are available to the most demanding professionals.


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