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xComfort System the Wireless Way to New Home Comfort

XCOMFORT from EatonSuitable for residential and commercial applications, Eaton’s  xComfort range of building automation products has been specifically designed to provide centralised control of all the electrical equipment in order to maximise energy savings, comfort, safety and security.

System components include sensors, actuators and control/communication devices

•    Switching actuator - switches lights, pumps, ventilation and heating systems, saunas,  ... any electrical consumer product.
•    Shutter actuator - for controlling blinds, shutters, mixing values, etc.
•    Dimming actuator - switches and dims lights and light environments.
•    Analogue actuator - controls devices such as mixers, dimmers and fluorescent lamps.
•    Temperature input unit - measures temperature and controls shading and heating.
•    Home manager - the universal genius for centralised building management, operation, and display.
•    Room manager - the operating and display unit – easy to handle and easy to read.
•    Room controller - regulates and controls heating and shading.
•    Binary input unit - for integrating conventional switches, window contacts, and signal contacts.
•    Push-button unit - for lighting, shading, etc.
•    PIR motion sensor - controls lights depending on movement and brightness.
•    Adaptor plug - switches and dims living room fountains, aquaria, etc.


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