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CP Launch New Addresser for Easy DALI Control

Controls expert CP Electronics has launched the D-Mate Addresser, an innovative, low cost device that simplifies DALI installations and is the latest addition to the company’s sophisticated D-Mate lighting control system.

The D-Mate addresser complements the functionality of the D-Mate lighting control system making it very easy to address the other elements of the system using simple but reliable DIL switches.  This is because the addressers are able to take the message from the addressable DALI system and “translate” it into a broadcast message.  As a result, the luminaire ballast(s) does not have to be addressed using a PC or other method so that installation and commissioning are faster and simpler.  Each addresser gives control of up to 10 ballasts to improve control of both large and small spaces.

The addresser is available in three versions, DALI, DALI to DSI and DALI to 1-10V, with an additional relay option for supplying switched mains.  This controls power to the lighting unit itself to reduce parasitic power or control of an associated room appliance such as projector or fan. Luminaire-mounted versions are also available.

The D-Mate system is ideal in offices and meeting areas as well as restaurants, hotel rooms and other applications where more costly systems would not be viable.

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