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New KNX LED Dimmer from IMP

KNX UK Association member IMP, the sole distributor for Vimar Spa with their ranges of KNX certified products, has introduced their new KNX certified LED dimmer into the UK.  It is designed for all lighting loads, but is especially useful for LED Lighting with a minimum power requirement of two watts.

The KNX dimmer is designed to control two individual channels of varying loads and lighting types per channel.  The loads can range from 2 watts to 500 watts for one channel use or 300 watts when both channels are used.  This flexibility is ideal for modern installations of most types of LED lighting.

The dimmer can also control 230V halogen lamps and low voltage halogen lamps connected to electronic or conventional transformers.  Feedback from KNX systems integrators in Europe confirm that the dimming ramp is flicker free and the lower cut off point is the best they have seen with no sudden drop off point.

Other technical characteristics include a power consumption of 4.5 watts, an output power of 300W/VA, up to a maximum of 500W/VA if just one channel is used and a minimum load of 2 watts.  The dimmer is programmable with the KNX ETS programming software.

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