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New HFI with DSI/DALI Auto Detection to Replace all HFD and HFX Ballasts

Thorn Lighting HFD (DSI) and HFX (DALI) digital dimmable ballasts have brought ‘intelligence’ to the fluorescent luminaire, providing lighting control and increasing the potential for energy savings.

By 30 June 2012 however, with limited exceptions* all HFD and HFX ballasts covering T16 (T5) and TC-TEL luminaires will have been replaced by the new HFI digital dimmable ballast. Featuring DSI/DALI auto detection, HFI will provide compatibility with any type of control system. Phase two will upgrade T26 (T8) luminaires in the autumn.

The move to the HFI ballast resolves compatibility issues and is just one component of our broader eControl offer to make it easier for you to understand, specify, install and maintain good quality, energy efficient lighting.

The DSI standard supports quick, simple and secure installation and offers almost all the benefits of digital communication. The DALI protocol was developed to meet even greater demands, enabling you to address up to 64 ballasts (or emergency inverters or a combination of both) on a single DALI network and to program both group and scene information directly into the ballast. This arrangement delivers total flexibility in design, enabling complex lighting solutions to be handled with ease.

In addition to the digital standards, HFI supports simpler methods of control, such as SwitchDIM (control via conventional switches) and Corridor-Function (control via conventional motion sensors) – all from one ballast.

*The exceptions are three and four lamp 14/24W T16 and 18W T26 products. A DALI only version (HFIX) will be added to the current DSI offering, and the IndiQuattro, Menlosoft and Menlosoft SR ranges will remain unchanged.

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