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2200K Chipset Marks A Golden Opportunity For LED Market

The world's largest LED chipset supplier has announced the launch of a 2200K colour chipset to meet the market demand for a warmer, golden light that can match the output of an incandescent lamp.

The 2200K XTE high power LED chip is the result of a co-development between CREE, the market-leading innovator of lighting-class LEDs, and high power LED light manufacturer, Aeon Lighting Technology (ALT).

The 2200K chipset has tackled one of the greatest challenges of LED design by achieving the preferred warm coloration, consistent with that of a typical incandescent light bulb or halogen, alongside high luminous efficacy, stability and high power output.

With legislation indicating both the phasing out of conventional lighting fixtures and the adoption of energy efficiency measures across the commercial sector, ALT’s range now offers a direct replacement for traditional technology.

ALT has integrated the low color temperature chip across its extensive product range including the MR16 series, A55 bulb, PAR lamp, floodlight, and streetlight. The range is distributed in the UK by LED specialists, Light Planet.

“This latest chipset is a fantastic addition to the ALT brand, offering the quality and stability of light output that you would expect from traditional fixtures but with considerably reduced power consumption and enhanced life span”, explained Light Planet Managing Director, Simon Leggett.

In indoor applications, where warm light is particularly important, these products will provide an ideal replacement for incandescent and halogen lamps. In outdoor applications, such as road lighting, the high light output, high colour rendering and warmer appearance provides a particularly suitable replacement to SON-T street lights.

“The research and development cooperation between CREE and ALT will allow us to provide suitable products for a wide variety of customers and continue to facilitate the growth of the LED industry”, commented Aeon Lighting Technology CEO, James Laing.

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