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RIO Kits Deliver Fast and Easy Upgrades for Street Lighting

New RIO kits from Venture Lighting providing a quick and cost-effective way to upgrade high pressure sodium (HPS) street lighting to more efficient light sources and control gear while retaining existing lanterns.

In typical street lighting applications, using RIO kits halves the cost of upgrading lighting compared to installing new luminaires.

RIO kits can be installed in minutes, simply by removing the existing lamp and ballast, installing the new ballast, screwing in the RIO lamp and optics assembly and adjusting the position of the optic. Each kit combines a high output, high efficiency, long life Venture CM-CITY ceramic metal halide light source with high efficiency electronic control gear and a purposed glass reflective SUPERAX® StreetLight optic. The optics, with an ultra-smooth glass surface and dichroic anti-frost coating, feature unique independent optic rotation for precisely aligned light distribution and highest achievable efficiencies.

As each Venture CM-CITY ceramic metal halide lamp delivers up to 118 lumens per watt and a whiter light, 140W lamps can be used to replace 250W HPS without compromising lighting performance. The result is greatly improved visibility with a much lower installed electrical load. Furthermore, the lamps have a 30,000 hour rated life, so that maintenance costs are also reduced.

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