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Primus- the Innovative Lighting Solution by b,a,g

b,a,g, Electronics has reinforced its position as a leading provider of intelligent lighting solutions with the launch of its new Primus range.

Primus is a comprehensive range of control gear that has been designed for use where space is at a premium, with a reduced housing size of only 280 x 30 x 21 mm. It encompasses control gear for fluorescent lamps and CFL’s.

The compact size of the products in the Primus range makes them very flexible and allows the luminaire manufacturer to downsize fittings.  Primus electronic control gear will operate in temperatures ranging from -20° to +60°C, making it suitable for use in luminaires with temperature critical parameters such as moisture-proof or industrial applications.

Extremely energy efficient, Primus actually increases the life of the luminaire irrespective of switch frequency via a second switch-on mechanism which enhances the lamp’s lifespan.  This automatic second ignition start sets in unobtrusively, should the lamp not respond to the first ignition impulse.  In addition, the safety switch-off mechanism (in case of lamp defect) offers safety on the highest technological level possible.  This means that the lamp can be switched on and off as often as required with no impact on lamp life.

Primus has also achieved the energy efficiency classification A2 BAT (Best Available Technology) to become the best in class among switchable control gear for fluorescent lamps. b,a,g, is the first manufacturer to implement this standard in the entire range of control gear for T5,T8 and TC-lamps to highlight the performance features for simple specification.  The A2 BAT standard also shows that Primus offers energy savings of over £1.50 per year per lamp-way when compared to an equivalent product.

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