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JCC Patents New RadiaLED Technology

JCC’s new RadiaLED bulkhead range solves the problem of LED hotspots and traditional visibility of unsightly 2D lamps.

The unique radial configuration of the LEDs allows light to project horizontally across a highly reflective surface. Light is then transmitted outwards through the diffuser to create even illumination. Both the opal and prismatic diffusers have been engineered using high specification polycarbonate to enhance the light distribution and ensure maximum light output with no shadows or visible LED chips. This high output, invisible light source is in stark contrast to the flashing that occurs in 2D fittings and the glare associated with poor quality LED bulkheads. Unlike fluorescent products the instantaneous start-up is not affected by frequent switching or low temperatures. Zero maintenance is a key feature of this range; there are no maintenance or re-lamping costs throughout the life of the product, which comes with a 5 year extended warranty.

JCC has initially launched two new products within this range – RadiaLED Style and RadiaLED Utility. The Style fitting has a sleek, domed diffuser and is ideal for interior use in stairwells and walkways. The Utility version is an IP65 rated vandal resistant bulkhead ideal for use in both interior and exterior applications where durability is a necessity.

For optimal energy saving both RadiaLED Style and Utility are available with an optional microwave sensor. Activated by both movement and daylight levels, RadiaLED remains on only when required, switching off when the room is unoccupied or when daylight levels increase. Emergency versions are also available in both Style and Utility.

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