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TE Connectivity Announces Solderless Holder Platform for Chip on Board and Array LEDs

TE Connectivity has announced the release of the LED Holder, Type Z50.  The LED holder forms the core electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical interconnectivity for Philips Lumileds LUXEON® K LED and Sharp Electronics MEGA ZENIGATA LED.

The Type Z50 holder enables designers to develop ZHAGA compliant modules around a common core. The LED holders are available with either optics attachment features or in a low profile form factor. The 50mm diameter Type Z50 holder with optics attachment is designed to enable the development of ZHAGA certified solutions.

The low profile Type Z50 holder stands only 3mm tall with a 45mm diameter making it ideal for omni-directional applications. The Type Z50 holder’s mechanical construction provides reliable down force and electrical connection over a wide range of operating temperatures.  Integrated poke-in electrical connections eliminate hand solder operations providing a more repeatable assembly.  The two footprint compatible holders are secured to the heat sink using standard screws that secure the LED and minimize damaging the substrates. 

The Type Z50 holder features snap-in LED retention that makes handling LEDs easier and faster to install into fixtures.  Optic attachment features were designed in close cooperation with Carclo Optics and LEDIL to ensure a firm, mechanical fit to the LED holder.  “With the snap in features, standard footprints, and growing ecosystem of LEDs and optics, the Type Z50 holder is the building block of future lighting fixture designs, ” said Jeroen Iedema, Business Development Manager, TE Intelligent Buildings.

TE LED holder solutions are ideal for use in spotlights, downlights, retail / hospitality lighting, and various indoor or outdoor lighting applications.

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