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Megaman’s 24W TECOH® MHx LED Module

TECOH® MHx LED moduleMegaman recently launched the 24W TECOH® MHx LED module that became one of the highlights at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair.

With its enhanced lumen packages, long lamp life and same focal length as CDM lamps this is truly the first viable alternative to metal halide lamps for display lighting.  The new TECOH® MHx also won the Hong Kong International Lighting Products Award 2012 - Best of the Fair Award for “Light Source”, enhancing the company’s brand recognition and leading position in the LED market.

The 24W TECOH® MHx Gen 2 LED module is an upgraded version of its first design previewed last year. Driven by its unique patented thermally conducive base and interchangeable head design for heat dissipation, this module does not only consume 33% less energy, but also has a higher performance than its predecessor (up to 125 lumen per watt). Hence, less energy is used in the new TECOH® MHx to generate the same amount of light.

Designed as an energy-efficient alternative to ceramic metal halide lamps, the new TECOH® MHx overcomes all halide lamps’ pitfalls such as slow run up times and notoriously unstable colour shift. For example, its base to light centre length is exactly the same as that of a standard G12 ceramic metal halide lamp, which means minimal design modifications will be required to the luminaire. Other advantages of the new product include linear dimming capabilities from 100% to 1% as well as futuristic proven design for easy replacement of the TECOH® MHx when required.

Utilising patented double axial mounted LED arrays in its successful TCH format, the new TECOH® MHx is an excellent accent light solution which enables light beam control down to 8 degrees with strong photometric performance and results with no striations on the visible beam pattern.

The design enables flexible stocking as the capsule of your preferred colour temperature can be installed in the fixture as a last step in the process, setting it apart from other LED lighting products. Other unique features include high colour uniformity with high colour consistency and an R9 option delivering 94 RA.; a small colour temperature shift of only +/-100K over the entire rated life; colour temperature options of  3000K and 4000K as well as special colours for different applications.  With the launch of the award-winning TECOH® MHx LED Module, commercial consumers are now provided with a more reliable and durable lighting solution to augment their pleasure during the interior design process.

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