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YEG Opto Introduces The New Lustrous Chip-On-Board COB Range

YEG Opto COB LEDLustrous COB LED light sources simplify luminaire, spot light and downlighter concept and manufacturing by giving originators an LED light source easily designed in, extremely easy to assemble in production and very competitively priced.

The support provided by YEG Opto for these COBs with drivers, holders, optics, cooling and design-in technical support allows customers to bring new products speedily and efficiently to market.

COB LEDs deliver increased lumen density. Lustrous’ comprehensive range delivering lumens outputs spanning 450 to 6300 lumens from 5 to 60 watts input power. The Lustrous range has been developed with price per lumens points to lead the market with some of the highest brightness-per-watt devices in the industry. At the same time they deliver outstanding quality.

CCTs (correlated colour temperatures) of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K are offered as standard and a policy of easily accessible customization allows for other colour temperatures to be delivered. Additionally Lustrous offers COBs in mono colours from deep blues to near IR reds, opening up COBs to the decorative and architectural illumination market. The “True Color Series” ultra-high colour rendering type has been newly added to the line-up.

In many applications COB LEDs need to be used in combination with optics to achieve the beam angles required. As they launch Lustrous COBs, YEG Opto is presenting a comprehensive range of matching optics eliminating the need for designers to have optics designed and built. These optics in the form of reflectors and lenses specifically designed for Lustrous COBs give beam angles from 15° to 60° and make design easy with assure system integrity.

Truly COBs provide an energy-saving alternative for incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent applications. They allow specifiers and designers to use just one LED in a fixture to save space and eliminate the uniformity issues of multiple emitters. Lustrous COBs take traditional, high-power lighting applications head on with power-saving LED alternatives.


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