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Crestron Launches First Luminaire Range

Crestron CLED uplight downlightCrestron has announced the release and immediate availability of its first range of luminaries, called CLEDs.

Suitable for deployment in the home or any sized commercial project, the innovative CLED range comprises LED fittings that can be applied to a variety of applications: including as a general purpose downlight, serving as an array of discreet multi-functional recessed spotlights, a surfaced mounted spot option and as a stainless steel uplight.

All utilising the same LED engine, the CLED collection offers energy efficient products for residential or commercial applications. Combined with Crestron control equipment, each CLED replicates the smooth, warm dimming curve of halogen lamps through 1-100%, and high-colour rendering applies across the entire CLED range, with dust and fire-protected models also available.

Crestron’s Integrated by Design™ philosophy was the driving force when developing a lighting control solution that could reliably control the dimming of LEDs without flickering. To deliver this, Crestron looked to lighting industry expert Terry Haynes to develop its first range of luminaires, establishing a product line the manufacturer could oversee, reliably evaluate and adjust in performance.

“The CLED concept is simple,” said Mr Haynes. “Mains dimming LED has been such a grey area for too long. Under performing, problematic retrofit solutions have forced the specifier to rely on unnecessary control methods. Anything from 10-20 years ago the specifier would have confidence in the light source they were working with and the 50mm dichroic halogen lamp was used in abundance. This allowed a crisp, white light, smoothly dimming down to a glow – whilst being warming in colour – to create ambience. Our new CLEDs give confidence and security back to integrators and specifiers for a hassle free and less complicated fit-out, thus producing a real cost-effective solution to the end user.”

In order to achieve these standards, Crestron has worked to perfect the behaviour pattern between an LED light source and its control. The result is a range of LED luminaires that effectively replicate the smooth dimming curve, colour temperature and lumen output of halogen, with a projected lifespan of 70,000 hours – a significant increase on most comparable low energy fittings.

“The CLED range that Terry has developed is designed to work with Crestron’s wider portfolio of lighting control modules, dimmers and switches,” said International Lighting and Building Controls product manager, Mark Tallent. “These components are all scalable to wider building management systems including A/V, IT, HVAC and more.
“When integrators and their clients begin to view lighting as one component of a complete building management system, Crestron control and automation has the potential to render huge energy savings,” Mr Tallent explained. “These savings go beyond those achieved through an LED lighting system, and this is achieved by integrating once disparate technologies to a single operating platform.”

The corresponding selection of switchable faceplates and the discreet, modern appearance of the luminaires offer the flexibility to work with any number of interior design schemes.

Crestron’s confidence in its CLED range is underpinned by a five-year warranty on its luminaires and two years on the power supply unit (PSU).

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