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The Benefits are Endless with Crompton’s T8 Lamps

Crompton Lamps T8 fluorescent lampsCrompton Lamps new T8 fluorescent lamps have an extra long life of 55,000 hours, compared to regular T8 lamps that provide an average 15,000 hours, in addition to all the other benefits you would expect from a T8 including excellent colour quality and significantly reduced Co2 emissions.

Perfect for areas where you need to see lots of detail, these lamps have excellent colour rendering, bringing out the details of clothes and furniture and they’re also extremely energy efficient as replacing a standard T8 with Crompton’s T8 provides over 10% energy savings with rapid pay back times.

These innovative lamps have high lumen maintenance so, as the tube nears the end of its life, the output will not deteriorate as quickly as with a standard T8.  The extra long life of Crompton’s new T8 lamps provides huge saving in terms of maintenance costs as with regular T8’s the fluorescent tubes would need replacing more regularly, on average three times as much. Not only does this offer financial savings but also reduces the downtime caused by re-lamping in busy areas. They come in a choice of white or cool white and are perfect for use in offices, retail outlets, supermarkets, schools and public buildings.

Crompton Lamps holds more stock than any other UK lamp company, all lamps undergoing extensive testing, offering a one-stop-shop for anyone specifying light sources. Crompton also has a team of experts who can help with advice on selecting the right lamp for the task.

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