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Decorative Lighting At Its Best From Sylvania

Sylvania decorative LED lampsSylvania has launched a new range of decorative LED lamps. The new range comprises the full complement of decorative shapes including Candle, Bent Tip Candle and Ball LED lamps which offer outstanding design, maximum efficiency and long life.  

The range is the widest selection of decorative LED replacement lamps available today and is the ideal solution for upgrading 25W and 40W incandescent lamps to energy saving alternatives to reduce energy and maintenance costs.
Sylvania’s brand new 250Lm and 470Lm Candle and Ball LED range offers a discreet and elegant visual and aesthetic solution. The lamps feature a frosted or clear finish, ideal for decorative lighting in chandeliers, table lamps and wall lights. The clear ‘virtual filament’ lens creates the illusion of a traditional filament to ensure an elegant sparkle that is visually appealing. Dimmable and non-dimmable versions of the range are available to match user needs and extend energy saving potential further.

The range also offers energy saving potential which is guaranteed to save the end-user money. With a lifespan of 25,000 hours, these low maintenance lamps are proven to generate over 80% energy saving in comparison to incandescent lamps. With superb light distribution, the Sylvania lamps do not compromise on energy saving or quality.
“When it comes to decorative lighting, the aesthetics of the lamp are almost as important as the fitting they are installed in and become an integral element,” comments Edward Lees,

Strategic Business Unit Manager of Sylvania LED Lamps. “Sylvania’s new range of decorative LED lamps makes the switch to low energy, long life LED easy and without fear of damaging the look and feel of the luminaire and the lit space. With a 470Lm output there is the opportunity to replace 40W incandescent lamps and provide the same light quantity but with over 80% less energy used. The 25,000 hour’s life, backed by a three-year warranty can extend maintenance of these lamps to years instead of months helping users achieve big cost savings. ”

The Candle and Ball luminaire range is available in all four cap options: E27, E14, B22 and B15 on selected types.

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