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Finally Solved!! Glow & Flicker in LED & CFL Lamps in Standby/off By The Revolutionary Timeguard ZV900

Timeguard ZV900We all like innovation and within the last decade LED development within the lighting industry has been possibly one of the biggest leaps forward yet.

Coupled with smart switches and home automation systems LED has revolutionised the lighting industry in particular when it comes to energy saving. But like with so many new technologies in the past LED brings its own collection of problems for the installer.

You’ve only got to look on the internet to see electricians desperately trying to find answers to the same problems with LED lighting, where they have suffered the problem of replacing a customer’s old incandescent lamps for new energy saving LED lamps only to find that the damn things won’t switch off!! “No matter what you do they just glow or flash”!!….or …The customer wants an automatic light switch (PIR, Timed, delay, remote control) fitting to their state of the LED lighting installation only to find the automatic switch has stopped working after a week!!!

So what’s causing the problems? The main reason we all want to use LED lighting is energy saving, LED lamps use a fraction of the power of incandescent or halogen, so quite logically only need a fraction of the power for them to illuminate, therefore any small voltage/current within the circuit will cause the LED lamps to glow or flash as in the case of most 2-wire Automatic switches, for example PIR, Timed, delay, remote controlled switches. The majority of automatic switches are designed to operate as a replacement for a standard 2-wire light switch where there is normally no neutral connection available at the switch which is good news for the installer, but for these to function a small amount of power is drawn down through the Switched Live connection to operate the switch whilst in standby. Not a problem for incandescent or halogen but a big, big problem for LED. Another common problem is when LED’s are switched on due to the circuitry needed to power the actual LED chips a momentary power surge is created commonly known as an inrush current within the lighting circuit they are connected to, this unfortunately being enough to damage many switches and equipment controlling them.

So what’s the solution? Well until now there’s not been allot you can do about it, maybe change to a different LED lamp manufacturer is the most commonly shared answer, but that rarely works. Change the automatic light switch, but you’ll only be going back to change it again and again if the switch has a low LED rating or as in most cases no LED rating at all.

But now Timeguard have developed a patented a device that is simply able to create an electrical environment for both automatic switches & LED lamps to operate in harmony without having to modify the automatic switch or LED lamp or by introducing a “dummy load” to the circuit. The Timeguard ZV900 Automatic Switch Load Controller. The Timeguard ZV900 is specifically designed to alleviate issues with switching LED’s and CFL lamps without the need for extensive extra wiring, The features of this patented unit include:-

•    Eliminating LED & CFL glow and flicker in 2- wire automatic light switches i.e. Timed, PIR, Photocell automatic switches
•    Built in surge & current inrush suppression
•    Boosts 99% of automatic switches LED switching capabilities to 200W
•    Under 1W power consumption
•    No additional cabling to the switch required
•    Fits in the ceiling through a 50mm hole
•    Only 1 x ZV900 needed per switching circuit up to 200W LED/CFL
•    Specifically designed to operate with Timeguard ZV700, ZV700B, ZV210, ZV215, DS1 and ZV810 when used with LED or CFL lighting


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